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CSA assists more than 350 union families annually with emergency financial needs, helping to prevent utility cut-offs, evictions and foreclosures, and help for needed prescriptions, transportation, food, childcare, and other support. The Emergency Assistance Fund (EAF) is open to qualified union members whose locals contribute annually to the program. In fiscal year 2018 CSA, distributed nearly $70,000 to over 300 working families to help provide housing, food, medical care, and transportation. Since the program’s inception, CSA has provided $1.2 million to support over 4,200 DC-area union families.

Program Requirements

  • Emergency Assistance recipients must be members of a local labor union that is an affiliate of the Metropolitan Washington Council or Northern Virginia Labor Federation, and should be referred to the fund by their local. Members must have an emergency need that can be documented. Contact your union leadership for a referral.
  • Emergency assistance is a one-time benefit, but we are always willing to help union members find information and resources. Click here for a list of other emergency resources in the region.

How to support

  • The Emergency Assistance Fund relies on the generous contributions from individuals and union locals in the DC metro area. Click here to donate directly to CSA, and here to learn about our partnership with United Way.
  • CSA also hosts several fun union-building events a year to raise funds for the EAF. Click here to learn more.